What is the difference between NETS FlashPay and NETS Prepaid cards?

NETS (Network for Electronic Transfers) offers two types of payment cards in Singapore: NETS FlashPay and NETS Prepaid. While both cards are issued by NETS, they have distinct features and differences in their usage.

NETS FlashPay

NETS FlashPay is a contactless stored value card that can be used for the following:

  • Buses
  • MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)
  • ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) via an IU (In-vehicle Unit) Reader
  • Carparks via an IU Reader

NETS FlashPay cards are widely accepted for transportation purposes and function similarly to EZ-Link cards in this regard.

NETS Prepaid

NETS Prepaid, on the other hand, is a stored value card with a few key differences:

  • It can be used for buses and MRT
  • It is widely accepted for shopping at various merchants in Singapore
  • It comes with a mobile app that allows users to manage their card balance, view transaction history, and perform top-ups
  • However, NETS Prepaid cards cannot be used for ERP or carparks via an IU Reader

The main advantage of NETS Prepaid is the convenience of managing the card through a mobile app.


When deciding between NETS FlashPay and NETS Prepaid, consider your primary use case. If you frequently use public transportation and require ERP and carpark payments, NETS FlashPay might be the better choice. However, if you value the ability to manage your card through a mobile app, NETS Prepaid may be more suitable for your needs.