ScanTag Web Enabled Barcode Luggage Tag


  • Resilient: Waterproof and durable. No batteries or charging needed.
  • Global: Works anywhere in the world with an Internet-enabled mobile phone or computer.
  • Universal: No special software or app needed.
  • Secure: Only the owner can update the tag information.
  • Lifetime Subscription: Includes lifetime access to the ScanTag owner information portal.


Do you ever feel like your luggage is just another number in a sea of bags? Do you get anxious at the thought of your bag getting lost or mixed up with someone else’s? If you could have one thing to help make sure your bag comes back to you, what would it be?

ScanTags enable you to update the contact information on your bags in real-time. Now airport, train, lost and found, and hotel staff can easily find where you are right now and return your property to you quickly and easily.

Securely identify your bags and accessories

No one likes losing their belongings, but it happens to all of us. It’s frustrating and can be a real pain to deal with, especially on a business trip or holiday.

That’s why we’ve created ScanTag, the highly visible and secure luggage tag that makes sure the most accurate recovery information is available in seconds!

No special app or batteries are required. Whether its scanning the tag to retrieve your details, or you managing your details via the ScanTag portal, all of it can be done from a mobile phone in just a few seconds.

You can create an ID record for each item or create one for multiple items. It’s up to you. Perhaps you find it easier to manage one ID record for all your ScanTags. Or maybe you want each ScanTag to have a seperate owner details page – perfect for families who sometimes travel independently.

No special app required. Works with any mobile phone.

Securely identify your property and make it easy to return. Free online database with lifetime subscription included.

  • Simple and clear instructions
  • Designed for any type of bag
  • Tough and maintenance-free
  • Requires no batteries

ScanTag Portal: Cloud ID Database

Every ScanTag includes a lifetime subscription to ScanTag Portal, our cloud-based owner details database where your information profile is securely stored. Create an ID record for each tag your own or create a seperate profile for each tag you own.

Update your profile from anywhere and in seconds, using just your mobile phone and email address.


Easy to Setup and Manage

Activate Manage View
Initial setup is as simple as entering your tag number and activation code. You will then be able to input and manage  your contact details (as much or little as you want). Anyone who finds your bag will be able to easily view your contact details by visiting the ScanTag website on their phone or computer. All they need to do is scan the barcode on the tag or enter the tag number manually. Your contact details will immediately be displayed with the one-click options of calling, texting, or emailing you. You can update all the information in real-time.


How will I get my order?

All orders ship via Singapore Post.

What is the lead time? When will I get my order?

You should receive your order within 8 to 10 business days.

Can I self-collect my order?
Unfortunately no. Our production facility is not setup for self-collection.