ScanTag Web Enabled QR Code Luggage Tag


  • Resilient: Waterproof and durable. No batteries or charging needed.
  • Global: Works anywhere in the world with an Internet-enabled mobile phone or computer.
  • Universal: No special software or app needed.
  • Secure: Only the owner can update the tag information.
  • Lifetime Subscription: Includes lifetime access to the ScanTag owner information portal.
  • Customisable: Personalise your luggage tag with your own photo.


Custom Cards in partnership with ScanTag presents Customisable Web Enabled QR Code Luggage Tags


Protect Against Identity Theft

Why take a risk of identity theft or worse — providing too much information or not enough information — when your item is lost?

ScanTag Web Enabled QR Code Tags let you label your items while maintaining control of your personal information that is visible to the world. You can even use a mobile phone or computer to update your information in real-time (even after your property goes missing).

Easy to setup in just a few minutes, your Scantag comes with a lifetime subscription to the ScanTag Cloud web-based owner information portal. You will be able to tag your bags once and update the contact information in real-time for the rest of your life. Now you can update your luggage with information on where you are (and where you are going) so that the person who finds it can easily return your lost items to you.

ScanTags are tough and maintenance-free. They require no electronics or batteries, and work anywhere in the world with a mobile phone or computer connected to the Internet.

Setup is easy. Simply activate your ScanTag at and update your tag with your name, address, phone, email address, and more. You can enter as little as an email address or as much as all your contact information including notes to the person who finds your bag. You are always in full control of your information.


Easy to Setup and Manage

Activate Manage View
Initial setup is as simple as entering your tag number and activation code. You will then be able to input and manage  your contact details (as much or little as you want). Anyone who finds your bag will be able to easily view your contact details by visiting the ScanTag website on their phone or computer. All they need to do is scan the QR code on the tag or enter the tag number manually. Your contact details will immediately be displayed with the one-click options of calling, texting, or emailing you. You can update all the information in real-time.