Custom NETS Prepaid Card (Horizontal)

NETS Prepaid


  • The NETS Prepaid Card is accepted at over 120,000 retail points, public buses, and trains.
  • Use NETS App to manage your expenses by loading the card easily with the amount you wish to spend, and prevent overspending by setting daily transaction limits.
  • Need to spread some joy? NETS Prepaid Card is also a perfect gift to present to your loved ones for any occasion.
  • Learn more about NETS Prepaid Card


NOTE: This is a Horizontal (Landscape) card layout. Please do not upload Vertical (Portrait) images into this layout.  We may be required to rotate your image if you do and this could lead to unintended consequences (as such as the chip covering a portion of your image that you were not expecting). The NETS logo must always be placed in the bottom right of the card in alignment with the same way the image is viewed.

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NETS Prepaid Card

The stored value card for shopping, dining and traveling on public transport
The NETS Prepaid Card is accepted at over 120,000 retail points, and in all public buses and trains. Simply tap to pay with your card and be on your way. Use NETS App to manage your expenses by loading the card easily with the amount you wish to spend, and prevent overspending by setting daily transaction limits.

A modern alternative to cash, NETS Prepaid Card can be used for various purposes – from traveling to shopping, dining and managing expenses with your family or employees.

Note that the NETS Prepaid Card cannot be used in your in-vehicle unit (IU) and cannot be used for making ERP payments. However, certain car parks will allow you to tap the NETS Prepaid Card on the payment reader to exit the car park. Physical top up (such as at NETS terminals) is currently not supported.

Make the most of your NETS Prepaid Card with NETS App

Download the NETS App (available via Google Play Store or Apple App Store) to manage your NETS Prepaid Card transactions seamlessly while on the go. Perform top-up, set transaction limits, view balance, transaction history and lock the card to unauthorised use right from the app. No more time wasted queuing for physical top-ups.

Benefits of NETS Prepaid Card

A payment card for all

Everyone can own a NETS Prepaid Card as no credit approval or bank account is needed.

Manage your transactions on-the-go

View your card balance, transaction history and perform top-ups easily via the NETS App. For ultimate convenience, sign up for the Auto Top-Up service and never worry about insufficient card value again!

Enjoy wide acceptance

With over 120,000 retail points island-wide, you can use your NETS Prepaid Card practically everywhere in Singapore*. Simply tap to pay at the cashier, as well as for your rides on buses, the MRT and LRT.

Safeguard funds from fraud and misuse

Misplace or lost your NETS Prepaid Card? Use the lock card function on NETS App to prevent fraud and misuse. Card balance from the lost card can also be refunded directly to your bank account easily.

Top up anytime, anywhere

Set up shortcuts to top up your card quickly with the NETS App. For a one-off top-up without registration, you may top up the card anonymously on the NETS App or at

Link multiple cards in one account

You can link up to ten (10) cards to a single NETS account in NETS App. Start sharing the benefits and convenience of the NETS Prepaid Card with your family and friends today.

Keep track of your budget

Use NETS App to manage expenses by setting daily spending limits and spending alerts for your card, making this exceptionally useful for your dependents and domestic workers.

Volume Discount

How much will it cost me to print X number of cards?
Multiply the number of cards you want to buy with the unit price listed below. Cards come with no stored value.
1 to 24 cards $12 per card
25 to 49 cards $9 per card
50 to 99 cards $6.5 per card
100 to 199 cards $6 per card
200 to 299 cards $5.5 per card
300 or more cards (MAXIMUM DISCOUNT) $5 per card
I want to order 500 (or 1,000 or 5,000 or 10,000) cards. What will be the price?
$5 per card. This is the lowest price we offer which is a significant discount off the regular price.


How will I get my order?

All orders ship via Singapore Post.

What is the lead time? When will I get my order?

You should receive your order within 8 to 10 business days.

Can I self-collect my order?
Unfortunately no. Our production facility is not setup for self-collection.

Stored Value

What is the stored value in the card?
There is no stored value in the card.

Image Requirements

Your image should be in JPG or PNG format with dimensions at least 1000 px wide by 625 px tall. When designing your card, do not put any logos or text close to the edge of the card as it may get cut off during the printing process. We recommend a 50 pixel buffer from the edges. Please note there may be some variance (+/- 15%) in the brightness, contrast, and vibrancy of the printed image versus what you see on screen.

We can only print on the front of the card. The back of the card has the artwork of the respective card vendor (NETS / EZ-Link).

Copyright Terms – Please Read

Taking images from the Internet which belong to other individuals or companies WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION and trying to create unauthorised merchandise is illegal. Our online service is meant for people to print their family photos, selfies, or personal images such as this. Please DO NOT upload any copyright images as part of your custom card order. We will not print any card orders that violate international copyright and intellectual property laws. EXAMPLES OF IMAGES THAT WE WILL NOT PRINT — cartoon or video game characters, movie artwork, TV characters, comic book or anime characters, logos of companies or sports teams, celebrity photos, movie studio artwork, or any other images of this nature. By using our website you agree to adhere to international copyright and intellectual property laws. You also agree that any attempts to infringe copyright (intentionally or accidentally) will result in your order being suspended until a replacement image is provided. We do not offer refunds. We also reserve the right to reject any image which we deem as unlawful, unethical, offensive, or does meet the standards set by NETS and EZ-Link.