The image you want printed should be in JPG or PNG format with dimensions of 1000 px wide by 625 px tall.

When designing your card, do not put any logos or text close to the edge of the card as it may get cut off during the printing process.

We recommend a 30 pixel buffer. Here we illustrate it with a red box for visualization purposes.


EXAMPLE: Correct Image

We have added a red box to illustrate the 30 pixel buffer. Note that all the graphical and text elements to be printed are within the red box.

             Correct Image

When the card is printed all the text and graphic elements are present.


EXAMPLE: Incorrect Image

Here is an example of an INCORRECT image. Portions of the text and graphic elements (the arms of the penguins) are crossing into the 30 pixel buffer zone. 

             Incorrect Image

As a result, they are cropped out of the image during the printing process.


EXAMPLE: Incorrect Image

Here is another example of an INCORRECT image. The 30 pixel buffer is meant to be within the image you want printed. Do not add it on as an extra border.           


If you do, then it will become part of the image that is printed.


Logo Requirements

EZ-Link cards have no logo printed on the front of the card.

NETS FlashPay cards require the NETS logo (this is mandatory) so please allot this space in your image accordingly. Below is how the NETS FlashPay logo is placed.


If you have any questions, please let us know. We look forward to serving you!