Custom Cards is #1 for Bulk and Corporate Orders

Our low pricing and no hidden fees business model makes it easy and affordable for you to work with us. Here's why working with Custom Cards is better than working with other card printers.

Custom Cards

Lead Time:

3 days

Urgent Print Fee:


Delivery Fee:


Sample Charge:


Volume Pricing

The more cards you buy, the better unit price we can offer you! Prices quoted below include GST.

Quantity OrderedDiscounted Unit Price
1 to 24 cards $12 per card
25 to 49 cards    $9 per card
50 to 99 cards$8 per card
100 to 199 cards$7 per card
200 to 499 cards$6 per card
500 or more cards$5 per card

Multiply the number of cards you want to buy with the unit price listed above.

For example, if you want 120 cards it would be 120 x $7 = $840.

Or if you wanted 350 cards it would be 350 x $6 = $2100.

And if you wanted 600 cards it would be 600 x $5 = $3000.

Printing Time

It takes 3 days to print cards with no stored value.

Stored Value

By default there is no stored value in the cards we print.

If you would like us to add value, the top up options depend on the order quantity. Topups require us to request NETS / EZ-Link to supply us the cards with your desired value in the cards — this will add one to two weeks onto the production time depending on which card you select.

We do not charge a topup service fee for orders made via our website.

Image Requirements

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If you have any questions, please let us know. We look forward to serving you!